Road Safety

Road Safety Advice

Treganna Travel Plan

The purpose of this travel plan is to

  • Reduce traffic congestion around school.
  • Increase personal safety of pupils and parents on the way to and from Treganna.
  • Offer children and parents an alternative choice of travel mode.
  • Improve health and fitness.
  • Meet school pupils needs by identifying problems they face on the school journey.
  • Develop pupil independence and self-esteem.
  • Reduce the vicious circle of school travel (i.e. Parents fear danger from traffic – parents drive children/pupils to school – traffic increases – parents fear danger from traffic)

Reducing Congestion

Deliveries and on site waorkers are timetabled to avoid pupil arrivals and departures Class opening and closing times, breakfast club and after school club are staggered.

Alternative travel

Treganna provides Road Safety cycle courses annualy. Staff are encouraged to cycle to work and can take advantage of a generous “ Cycle to work Scheme”We are currently working with the authority to establish a public bus route for Sanatorium Road.


The School web site has a Road Safety advice are to provide further guidance for parents, pedestrians, pupils and cyclists

Treganna has developed a “Kid’s patrol” system in co operation with Cardiff Traffic Safety.

Regular newsletters encourage parents to leave the car at home.

The school has four purpose built cycle shelters.

Treganna works in close partnership with construction companies, local business, road safety officers and officers of the authority to reduce traffic congestion by careful timetabling, traffic control measures and site traffic supervision.