Key Skills

Thinking across the curriculum

Communication across the curriculum

Developing ICT across the curriculum

Developing number across the curriculum

At Ysgol Treganna we teach Key Skills to every child in the school, regardless of their ability or individual needs.

We use the Key Skills as a means of presenting the whole curriculum and in order to raise the pupils’ standards and achievements.

When planning the curriculum our aim is to provide learning opportunities for each pupil, including those pupils that have special educational needs.

Pupils are expected to learn these Key Skills in a cross curricular way, through Thinking, Communication, Information Technology and Numeracy.

Key Skills Objectives:

  • To give each pupil the opportunity to be a flexible learner
  • To assist pupils to be more responsible for their own learning
  • To ensure that the Key Skills are used effectively within the curriculum
  • To ensure that the planning, progression and continuity are effective

Pupils will learn these Key Skills throughout the entire curriculum. Progression is ensured by following the Skills Framework from the early years up to the end of Key Stage 2.

Classroom teachers are responsible for the mid-term and short-term planning for Key Skills.

Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Digital Competence Framework

National Skills Framework