Using the internet

  • Your classroom will have at several computers or chrome books connected to the Internet. Your teacher will have discussed these user guidelines with Please take time to remember them


  • Please use only your own files


  • Internet use will be supervised. Please do not attempt to access the web without your teacher


  • Personal Email and chatroom access ,other than Hwb, are not allowed on school Do¬† not give your address, phone number or arrange to meet anyone.


  • On no account should you download from anywhere or anyone else without the teachers’


  • The Internet is a very public place so please send messages, which are polite and thoughtful.


  • Please tell your teacher or your parents if you receive any nasty material or messages. If you’re not sure, tell someone Teachers will be sensitive and quiet and your report will help us to make the Internet a better place for all the children of Cardiff.


  • A backup record of all files on your computer and Internet use is kept in the Head Teachers office. You or your teacher can view these records at any

Information Communication Policy at Treganna