Choosing a Secondary School

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s)

The application process for transferring to Secondary School opens on 30 September 2019. The application deadline is 25 November 2019.

Apply online at

The Council is required to enable parents to express a preference for their preferred schools. To consider your application fully we also require that you give reasons for each preference listed to enable your application to be assessed against the admission criteria of your preferred schools. You will be asked these questions during the online application process.

Before making your application it is very important that you read the information contained in the Information for Parents Booklet 2020/21 which is available at It is important that you understand the admission criteria for each school.

Co-ordinated Admissions

For the 2018/19 school year the Governing Bodies of Whitchurch High (Foundation) School, Corpus Christi RC High School and St Teilo’s CW High School have agreed to participate in a pilot scheme for co-ordinating admissions in Cardiff. You now must apply online for these schools and all Community Schools in Cardiff.

If you apply for Corpus Christi RC High School or St Teilo’s CW High School you must also complete a supplementary form which is available from the school.

Please note, The Bishop of Llandaff CW High School, Mary Immaculate RC High School or St Illtyd’s RC High School are not part of this pilot. If you would like your child to attend any of these schools you will need to apply directly to the school.

 Top tips

  • You are able to express up to 5 school preferences on your application. We recommend that you use all 5. It is understood that Welsh-medium applicants may only wish to apply for Welsh-medium schools, in this case we recommend you apply for all 3 in your order of preference.
  • Submitting your application on time is strongly recommended. If your application is late, you are unlikely to get your preferred place. In 2019 55% of schools were oversubscribed in the first round. We strongly recommend parents to submit an application on time.
  • Anyone can apply for Welsh medium schools regardless of if the family is Welsh speaking. All are encouraged to consider the benefits of Welsh medium education.

Applications must be submitted between Monday 30 September 2019 and Monday 25 November 2019 to be considered in the initial allocation of places. We strongly encourage you to submit your application during this period as this will maximise your chance of securing a place at your preferred school.

You will not receive an offer of a school place if you do not submit an application. It is very important that you apply on time as late applications will only be considered after all applications received on time have received their offer of a school place. No reminders will be sent.

If your child is the subject of a statement of special educational needs or is undergoing a formal assessment you are still required to submit an application for your preferred school places. You will be notified of your child’s proposed school place by the Achievement and Inclusion Service as soon as possible.

Whilst living in a catchment area can help your child’s chances of receiving an offer of a place at the school if applied for, there is no guarantee this will be possible. You can check your catchment area Community Schools for your address at

 Information relating to Voluntary Aided (Faith) Schools must be obtained from the individual school.

If you would like support with your application, assistance is available at Council Hubs. Please take this letter with you to aid your application. Details of Hubs can be found here:


Yours sincerely,

School Admissions Team.





Dawns Plasbach – Summer 2019

We are putting on 5 dance days during the Summer holidays at Ysgol Plasmawr. The sessions will run between 10-3 on each day and will consist of learning different genres in the morning followed by creating a routine in the afternoon.


Cost : £20 a day or £35 for two days.

Dates: 22nd and 23rd of July and 14th, 15th & 16th of August.


Attending all sessions isn’t necessary.



If your child is interested in attending the camp please register your interest by replying to this email as soon as possible. We will then email you with payment details.




Elin, Maria & Bethan

Dawns Plasbach

Dawns Plasbach

Dear Parent/Guardian,

With the recent success of Plasmawr dance teams, we have received a number of enquiries regarding starting a dance club for Welsh Medium Schools that will be feeding into Plasmawr. Plasmawr’s year 7 and 8 team received 2nd place in the u19 Mixed Genre Competition in the National Urdd Eisteddfod as well as receiving 3rd place in the u15 hip-hop, street and disco group. The have also gained a place in the British Championships in November that will be held in Winter Gardens. With the amount of interest that arose, we have decided to establish a group for pupils in year 4, 5 and 6 from September onwards. This will be on a weekly basis and it will be a competitive team. Leading onto this, we will be holding taster sessions for the remaining weeks leading up to the Summer Holidays. Pupils from year 4, 5 and 6 will be invited to these sessions, which will be held at the Plasmawr Dance Studio.

The cost of these sessions will be £4 a head, starting next Monday (10th of June) between 5 and 6. If there is an increase of interest, we will also hold a session on Tuesday between 5-6.

Within these sessions, the pupils will have a chance to dance hip-hop, street, contemporary, jazz and Charleston. Miss Elin Owen, Physical Education Teacher at Plasmawr, will coach the sessions. She has been coaching the Plasmawr pupils through their success over the last 2 years. From September onwards, the teams will be competing in hip-hop and mixed genre competitions. We then ask of you to commit to all weekly sessions so the team is able to compete of a high standard.

If you have any queries or interest in attending the sessions, please email Dawns Plasbach on

with the pupils’ school year, school name and their name.

Yours faithfully,

Plasbach Dance Team

Tafwyl Parade 22/06/2019


Dear Parent / Carer,
We have received a request to take part in a parade to celebrate 70 years of Welsh medium education in the city. It is hoped that every Welsh school, Primary and Secondary, will be part of the celebration on Saturday, June 22nd .

The organisers of the event have completed the arrangements. See below:
• Meet on King Edward VII Avenue, between the Law Courts and City Hall, between 9.00 and 10.00. Councillor Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council, will greet all participants, and the parade will leave promptly at 10.00.

The Parade route will be:
• Through the pedestrian underpass under Boulevard de Nantes to Greyfriars Road
• Down Friary Road to Queen Street and turn right along Queen Street
• Turn left into St John Street and continue along Working Road to the Hayes
• Around the Hayes and the John Batchelor memorial and return through Victoria Place and past the Market to St John Street
• Turn right again into Queen Street, and back along Friars Street
• Return through the pedestrian underpass and turn left in front of the Law Courts
• Follow the pedestrian underpass under North Road and turn left up the ramp
• Using care, turn right on a narrow section of pavement, then turn into Bute Park.
• Enter Tafwyl via North Gate

NOTE – There will be a baggage inspection procedure again this year when entering Tafwyl. It will be of great assistance in facilitating the speedy access to the procession if any bags are kept to a minimum and do not contain dangerous items or water bottles. An additional number of security officers at the North Gate will mean that it will be easier and quicker to enter Tafwyl this way than through the usual gateway on Castle Street.

Each school will have a dedicated steward, standing along Edward VII Avenue with a pole carrying the school badge, to mark the assembly point for pupils, parents and school staff.

The organisers are keen to have an idea of how many pupils and parents of the school are likely to be taking part in the procession. Please complete and return the slip or register online. It would be lovely to have a great representation from our school. Thank you for your support.



 Enw’r plentyn/ Child’s name: _____________________________________ Dosbarth/Class: ______

I wish   /   I do not wish to take part in the Parade with my child/children at 09.45 on 22.06.19.

Arwyddwyd/Signed:___________________________________________________ Rhiant/Parent