Homework 10.1.20

Welcome back! It’s so lovely to see you all rested and excited for the new term ahead.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your parents for your wonderful words, cards and gifts over the festive period.

Your homework over the weekend will be to work on your reading skills and to practise your Welsh spelling words. If you are unsure of the level your on, please ask or check the list in the classroom.

There is an exciting trip on the horizon. We will be visiting the Imperial War museum in London!


Dosbarth Morfydd: 29/01/2020

Dosbarth Gronw & Taliesin: 30/01/2020

Please pay the voluntary cost of £26 via ParentPay.

We will be leaving school at 7am and leaving London around 4pm. We are hoping to be back at school around 7.30pm.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Miles-Farrier, Mr Davies, Mr Lewis 

Sillafu blwyddyn 6_2

Sillafu blwyddyn 6_3