Number formation – 10/1/20

Welcome back,

We were very glad to see the children again on Tuesday and are happy to report that they’ve all settled back great after the Christmas holiday.

Over the last week we have been learning about penguins and reading the story “Peta Pengwin”. We have also been practising number formation.

Over the weekend we would like your child to continue to practise forming numbers from 1 to 10. Please ensure that your child forms each number from the top. Your child can form numbers using a pencil, paint, chalk or how about forming numbers in the park by using a stick to form numbers in the puddles.

Please send any photos to our Twitter account @DerbynTreganna

We will continue to learn about penguins next week. If you have any books or items surrounding this topic your child is welcome to bring them to school to show the class (please ensure that your child’s name is on everything!).

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Alaw, Miss Evans and Miss Thompson