Our theme for this half term will be based on the title ‘Pitter, Patter, Puddle Play’. This project will enable the children to explore water in its many different forms using their senses in a range of first hand sensory experiences. The children will experience a range of activities that explore the properties of water, and the ways in which we use water in our everyday lives.

We will also be making the most of every precious rain drop. We will be singing and dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles and sheltering under an umbrella! We therefore ask that the children bring wellies (and waterproofs / umbrellas, if they have any) to keep in school for the half term. Please make sure that your child’s name is written clearly on all clothing and that you provide plenty of spare clothes in your child’s bag (in case we get too wet!).

*Please bring these into school by Tuesday, 14th of January. Diolch.*