Homework 10.01.2020


Welcome back and a happy new year! (Are still saying that?)

It’s been good to be back in the routine of school this week, we’ve already been busy here in Year 3. Not only have we started our new theme Our Wonderful World but the children have been busy coming up with their own lesson ideas, plans and projects for the coming term. Judging from some of the ideas it’s going to be a term of all-sorts; from dinosaurs to pugs and building tree houses to saving the planet. Lets see how much we can fit in shall we!

For this week, our homework will focus on the three pillars of our learning for the year:

1. STEP STAR (English Spelling)

THIS WEEK’S STEP STAR SOUND – a (sounds like ay)

  1. stable
  2. lady
  3. table
  4. halo
  5. baby
  6. gravy
  7. paper
  8. radio
  9. April
  10. crazy


1 They     2 One      3 Where

2.  READING (An opportunity to work with your child on given targets)

We’re reading in English for the next two weeks to correspond to our language on our language tasks in class. Please remind the children to use their Bugs Online accounts as often as they like!

3. TIMES TABLES (Learning them by heart will be of huge benefit moving forward).

This week we’d like all three classes to keep working on their 4 Times Tables. We’re getting there but we’re not quite sure enough in our answers to move on. Try counting through the 4 Times Tables in the car, quiz each other at dinner or use the helpful Youtube clip.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Mr Thomas-Williams, Miss Hopkins and Miss Morris