Week 9 Homework


Hello children!

Congratulations on baking Victoria sponge cakes this week – yum yum! You’ve also had plenty of practice weighing in grams and kilograms in your Maths lessons. Try to use g and kg when you cook or weigh yourselves at home (and, of course, m and cm when measuring your height or anything else!) This will help you to use the Maths you’re learning in school in your everyday lives.

You said in our Discovery Day that you wanted to know what Victorian people cooked and ate. Your homework is to type out a Victorian Recipe! We want to create a Victorian Recipe Book to sell in the school Christmas Fayre.

Research in recipe books and on the internet. If you type “Victorian Recipes” (be careful with spelling) into Google, there are plenty of websites to help you.

Gwenhwyfar: Your task is under “Assignments” on the class “Teams” page – you should do it here.

Bendigeidfran a Seithennin: Bring your work on paper.

You need to type your recipe in WELSH and ENGLISH. Put the measurements in grams, as on these websites (but there are others, too):






(Not every recipe here is from the Victorian era!)


Try to include a photograph, too, so we can we can see how delicious the food looks.

Why not try out your recipe at home? Enjoy!

Year 4 teachers.