We had a great trip to St Fagans and enjoyed learning about how Beti Bwt washed her clothes.

This week the children have been discussing the differences between household items we have today and Beti Bwt had during the Victorian era. We discussed which items in the house use electricity. How about discussing this with your child at home or discussing the differences between the household items we have today and those you had as a child. I’m sure the children would find a Walkman cassette player and the early mobile phones quite amusing!

Next week during our mathematics sessions the children will be developing their ability to measure capacity using litres and millilitres. Over the weekend we would like your child to find different objects in the house that are measured in litres or millilitres. How about encouraging your child to order the items according to capacity. Ask your child if the item is full, half full or empty.


Dates to remember,

20/11/19- Huw Aaron Workshop (Cartoonist/Illustrator)
Each class will have the chance to learn the skills that are needed to create their very own cartoon character along with learning how to write and structure a comic. We ask kindly for a contribution towards the day. At the end of the day Huw Aaron will be giving each child their very own copy of an exciting new comic book he’s written to take home.

Click on the link to see his work. https://twitter.com/huwaaron

Have a great weekend,

Year 2 staff