Homework 11/10/19

Another busy week in year 3! We’ve been using the ‘Green Screen’, Karaoke and calculating rugby scores to mention just a few. We still need to do some work on our mental recall of our time tables so this will be part of our homework again this week. The teachers would like to stress the importance of being able to remember these in random order quickly. E.g. six twos…. twelve, eight twos… sixteen and so on.

Do you have any artefacts we could borrow for our Japanese display? Thank you in advance.

English oral presentation – by Monday 21/10/19

As discussed in the year 3 information evening the junior department children have an oral presentation every half term.

Year 3’s topic is ‘Can we go back to meet ourselves as a baby?’

We expect:

  • A short presentation about them as a baby/toddler, no longer than 5mins
  • The children’s work, not the adults presentation!
  • Children are welcome to bring prompts e.g. photos of them as babies, toys etc.
  • Children are welcome to use powerpoint, however please do not include a script. We do not want children reading word for word from a slide or piece of paper.

The envelopes the children returned following the summer holidays provided an excellent support for pupils to present orally. Children were able to speak about what they did independently and some even asked questions to engage their audience. Please consider this as a model for this presentation.


Dear children,


  • English oral presentation – ‘Me as a baby’ / ‘Can we go back to meet ourselves as a baby?’
  • Reading
  • Learn my Step Star words that are below and in the Step Star book as well as my Red Words.
  • 2 Times Table – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G04fMZW7Ffo

Geiriau STEP STAR words – e sound

Watch this video to help – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6IsAareycc











Red words