Week 2 Homework

Dear children,

Here we are at the end of your first full week in Year 4! We hope you have enjoyed learning the answers to your questions,

“What did the Victorians use to make pictures before they had cameras?”

“Were the children healthy?”

“Were there a lot of germs in Victorian times?”

Your parents can follow us on our new Twitter account to see some of our learning and adventures in Year 4: @bl4treganna

Remember our trip next Thursday to Cardiff Castle to meet Queen Victoria herself! (Ask an adult at home to give permission on ParentPay.) You will need a packed lunch, a bottle of water and a coat.

Your homework every week from now on, unless there’s some special preparation work to be done, will be:

  1. Read your book (ask an adult to write in your Cofnod Darllen, or to sign and date our comments to show you have practised)
  2. Learn spelling words
  3. Practise multiplication tables.

Here are this week’s spelling words:

Sillafu Oes Victoria Wythnos 3

There will be a tables test every Wednesday. This week, everyone is to practise the 2x Table, from 0x2 to 12×2. You can practise here:


The tests will be mixed, eg.

What is 7 times 2?

What is 3 times 2?

What is 12 times 2?


You’ll need to answer quickly, like a Ferrari – that’s why we call our tests “Ferrari Tables!”

When you score full marks (once for easier tables, twice for harder ones) you will be moved on to the next table. Good luck!

Mrs Davage, Mr Evans, Miss Williams and Miss Lewis.